Friday, 19 August 2011

...oh GOD it's almost September.

So much for using my time off productively!

I just paid the blogs a visit and it's juts made me feel so... lazy!
However, between my TWO JOBS (hahaa, excellent excuse) I am filling my time with some lovely little projects... none of which have materialised here.

Coming soon:

Paintings of Falmouth and Weston. Not that anyone wants to see a painting of Weston.

Another album cover for my friend, who is somehow writing beautiful music and gigging around while working his soul-destroying McJob.

And finally, in time, a charcoal animation for Norman 68616 by Hope and Rage Films.

If you're a history geek, and don't mind hearing some truly GRIMMMM accounts of WWII from an incredibly brave survivor of a concentration camp, give it a google.
Alternatively, click on this bit:

Wish me luck. ;)