Monday, 30 July 2012

Frutorious - Game Complete!!

One last image for Frutorious :)

In case anyone's interested, here's is the blog go the god-like genius behind the game itself,
and here is their Official Website!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

An Unusual Business Card - Pin Up

This draft was never used, but I'm blogging it anyway ;)

For PinUp Productions, a new film production company who are soon to be filming all the skating and surfing at some lovely festivals this year, including Boardmasters!

Really getting used to this photoshop stuff.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Story of Frutorious

Infinite State, an independent game company, are making a fantastic little platform game for iPhone called Frutorious

You know at the beginning of a game, you get a nice story sequence that sets the scene? I was asked to illustrate it!

The story of Frutorious goes like this:

One day, Mr Fruts was having a lovely picnic with Mrs Fruts and their friends, the fluffs.
Suddenly, a nasty skull called Pedro appeared and gave everyone a fright!
With an evil cackle, Pedro turned all the fluffs into fruts! What a rotter.
All the fruts scattered around Frutland and got stuck in all the trees. Oh no!
Luckily, Frutorious FIG saw what happened and offered to give Mr Fruts a lift to go and sort it all out.

Not only is it the cutest thing since Yoshi's Story for N64, but it's got SO MANY pretty colours, and even a sneaky bit of 8-bit dub step thrown in to the soundtrack.