Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Story of Frutorious

Infinite State, an independent game company, are making a fantastic little platform game for iPhone called Frutorious

You know at the beginning of a game, you get a nice story sequence that sets the scene? I was asked to illustrate it!

The story of Frutorious goes like this:

One day, Mr Fruts was having a lovely picnic with Mrs Fruts and their friends, the fluffs.
Suddenly, a nasty skull called Pedro appeared and gave everyone a fright!
With an evil cackle, Pedro turned all the fluffs into fruts! What a rotter.
All the fruts scattered around Frutland and got stuck in all the trees. Oh no!
Luckily, Frutorious FIG saw what happened and offered to give Mr Fruts a lift to go and sort it all out.

Not only is it the cutest thing since Yoshi's Story for N64, but it's got SO MANY pretty colours, and even a sneaky bit of 8-bit dub step thrown in to the soundtrack.

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