Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Telling the Time - A Book for Traveller Children

 I didn't know I could do things this... well, sickeningly happy. Look at them all, giving each other the eye like, 'yeahhh our way of life is beautiful and we know it'. 

This is a sample illustration we are supposed to be pitching to a group of real Travellers who want a book to teach their kids to tell the time, with a little interactive pop-through clock.
It was a pretty vague brief, so I did the standard lets all go out and play before teatime scene. Although the incredibly bright colours hurt my eyes, and I still haven't cracked the characters' facial features just yet, I'm proper happy with this!

It's not incredibly likely they will actually choose mine, as the competition had some very shiny, classy images, but I hope they like it at least.

...fingers crossed.

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  1. charming color and great composition with characters!